20 November 2010

WIWT Weekday: 18/11/2010 & The Unicorn

Down coat (Steve by Searle) / silk scarf (Missoni) / silk blouse (Ann Taylor) / wool skirt (Zara) / grown-up fishnets (discount from C21--best type of store for hose) / leather boots (inherited Xavier Danaud)
It's been awhile since I posted on an outfit. There will likely be more of these now that I have realised the bathroom at work is a fairly easy place to snap a photo with a goofy grin. 

I wear a variation of this outfit pretty much daily: easy top, simple skirt, hosiery. Once at the office, I remove the boots in favour of one of the many pairs of office-friendly shoes stored at my desk. Modest heel heights. Unspectacular designs. This is the destiny of the office shoe.

Now onto another topic: down coats. I wonder why those pillow collars (see my down coat above / oh just found it online) were all the rage last year. Honestly, I didn't look very long for the perfect down coat when I purchased it. I was thinking more along the lines of, "Oh, it's cold. I need warmth." I mean, it's a down coat, for crying out loud. How chic can it get? Thus I settled on the first one that seemed to fit well enough and didn't make me a ringer for the Michelin man. Unfortunately, this also meant accepting a pillow collar because literally the entire store was just a sea awash with pillow-collared down coats.

Well, buyer's remorse. The very next month a French colleague popped in for a visit from London. She had an amazing down coat. Oh it was so chic! But ov course--zhe iz Fra-ench! Imagine a perfectly fitted military-style belted coat, but in nylon/polyester (whatever these coats are made of) and filled with down with a simple windowpane pattern of seams to hold the feathers in place. I mean, who knew down coats could look so fitted and streamline!? I just spent a bit of time trying to find the mystical coat I am describing. Not even Boutiques.com is cutting it. Perhaps the coat was a figment of my imagination, stirred to life by the sweet lilt of her French accent. Ah, the Unicorn coat. I will find you someday. Until then, it'll be the pillow collar for me.

<- This one from Burberry is kind of close, but still so far off. I mean I get that it's Burberry, but that check on such a scale really brings to mind lumberjacks--not iconic Burberry.


  1. I vote for the lovely lady on the left.

    Are you a little bit pigeon toed? Or is that a Kpop thing?

  2. I like the Burberry coat! Your outfit is so cute:)