08 April 2009

Tribute to the delightful Miss Lodge

Click to enlarge. Images via Flickr.

Reminded by some style forum commenters of how stylish the guys and gals of Archie Comics were, I dug up these images as a tribute to the ever-delightful and fashion savvy Veronica Lodge. 

I haven't seen these in the grocery stores of late but hear there was a much derided redesign in 2007. No matter, I still have my own well-worn treasure trove of Archie's to turn to. 


  1. This makes me wonder where my old Archies are. Hmmm...

  2. oh wow you actually have a solid collection. I never noticed how 'well-dressed' the gals were drawn...I guess we were too young to take note ;)

  3. yes! i'm THRILLED to have found this blog. as a working woman who is forced to succumb to the business casual gods, it's nice to get some ideas of chic work wear. merci beaucoup!!